Trio At The Top The Breed With A Need For Speed DVD/CD McLaren Hulme Amon PAL 72mins OUT OF PRINT


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  • ISBN: 886976037390
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  • Publ Date: 2009-12-01
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  • Imprint: SONY
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'Trio at the Top' is a fantastic documentary that uses archive footage & interviews to tell the story of motor-racing legends: Bruce McLaren; Denny Hulme; and Chris Amon, a trio that topped podiums in the "golden age" of motor racing -- one of those eras when unlikely Kiwi talent managed to dominate a truly global sport.

This documentary screened on Television back in 2000, before the days of digital recorders and was at the time a huge ratings winner for the network. 'Trio at the Top' is now available commercially for the first time on DVD and comes with an accompanying CD of classic driving songs from the era, including early & rare New Zealand rock 'n' roll recordings.



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