Standard Catalog Of V8 Engines 1906-2002


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The V-8 engine is the single most important automotive development since internal combustion. All V-8s are not created equal, and never before has there been a complete reference for every American-built V-8 engine. Now, auto collectors and restorers have one comprehensive catalogue that covers thousands of domestic V-8s, from the early 20th century to today's compact powerhouses. V-8 engines are alphabetically listed by make of car and then by model year with engine serial number codes and specifications such as bore and stroke, cubic-inch displacement, and horsepower. Additional details are supplied on carburettors. All domestic automobile and light-truck models are included. Various sidebars throughout the book identify correct engine colours and list decals available for specific engines. Numerous photographs are interspersed within the listings to clarify details important to restorers.



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