Standard Catalog Of Ford 1903-2003 3nd ed


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Celebrate 100 years of the Ford Motor Company in this 642-page volume devoted to Henry Ford's automobiles. Collectors and FoMoCo fans will enjoy thorough coverage of 100 years of their favorite automobiles in this latest update to the Standard Catalog series. Information on more than 4,000 Ford Motor Company cars produced from 1903 to 2003 includes facts, figures, and historical background on each marque and model. The updated pricing section includes 25,000 listings and features collector values for models through 1994 using the Old Cars Price Guide's 1 to 6 condition rating scale. This new edition features updated coverage of all Ford, Edsel, Lincoln, Mercury, Mustang, and Thunderbird marques. Model listings include vehicle descriptions, vehicle identification number explanations, original price and weight data, engine and chassis details, optional equipment and technical information, performance figures, and historical facts.



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