Seventy Five Years On Two Wheels a History Of the Auckland Motor Cycle Club


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AMCC was first incorporated in 1926 under the name of the Sports Motor Cycle Club Inc; this was changed to Auckland Motor Cycle Club Inc in 1931. From the beginning the Club has promoted competitive motor cycle sport - road racing, trialling, off-road competition of many sorts. Alongside this spirit of competition there has been a consistent concern for road safety and rider training, and for the development of the skills needed to ride well and safely. The Club has also been the guardian of technical excellence in the maintenance and development of motor cycles. The people who ride motor cycles are often strongly individual characters, and the story of the Club is very much the story of the members over the years. Here, you will find entertainment, amusement, tragedy and achievement. The story of the Club reflects the changes that have occurred within New Zealand society and this is a focus of the history.



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