Porsche Carrera 964 1989-94 Technical Data Without Guesswork Carrera 2 And 4 RS America Turbo 3.3 And 3.6


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  • ISBN: 9780837602929
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  • Publ Date: 2002-10-01
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  • Binding: PaperBack
  • Pages: 312
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  • ID - 26111


This handbook is not a repair manual. In the course of publishing our line of repair manuals for Porsche cars, we have been asked specifically for a lighter, cheaper and faster-to-use technical data compilation. This technical data book is a response to that feedback. Models covered in this Porsche repair manual: Carrera 2, Carrera 4, RS America, Turbo 3.3, Turbo 3.6. Engines covered in this Porsche technical manual: 3.6 liter normally aspirated, 3.3 liter turbo-charged & 3.6 liter turbo-charged. Transmissions covered: G50 series (rear wheel drive), G64 series (all wheel drive) & A40 series (Tiptronic). Technical topics thoroughly detailed, without guesswork: General vehicle data and application tables, engine and transmission numbers, manufacturer's maintenance schedules. Internal engine component wear limits, torque values and assembly views of crankcase, crankshaft, cylinder heads, timing chain, and lubrication system. Turbocharger (construction and lubrication), Motronic (DME) engine management, CIS fuel injection with oxygen sensor control, charging and starting systems, and Bosch EZ69 ignition system. Rear-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive manual transmissions, Tiptronic transmission and front final drive. Suspension and alignment data, wheel and tire information, steering and ABS braking systems. Heating and A/C (R12 and R134a) system basics, cooling temperature graphs, refrigerant capacities, and refrigerant pressures. Bulb ratings, electrical component locations.



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