Mini Performance Manual


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  • ISBN: 9781859608807
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  • Imprint: HAYNES UK
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"The æclassicÆ Mini is a sixties icon that
remained in production for 41 years.
Unveiled to the press in August 1959,
the Mini ignored many long-established
design principles and bristled with
innovative features. The car instantly
won favour with tuners and modifiers,
and today the Mini remains one of the
most popular project cars with
performance tuners. A thriving support
structure of clubs, specialist magazines
and parts suppliers ensures that the
Mini will remain popular with tuning
enthusiasts for many years to come.
Here is a complete guide to Mini
performance modifications.
æa lot of useful stuff hereÆ Classics
æHighly recommendedÆ Classic Car
Hardback, 270 x 210mm, 200pp
380 colour illustrations



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