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  • ISBN: 9788879112604
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All Maserati's production, from 1926 to 2002: racing cars, road cars, engines for cars and boats that were built by other constructors as well as commercial vehicles of the war years, all in a single work that includes the story of the Maserati brothers. From 1887, the year in which Alfieri was born, until the establishment of OSCA plus the story of racing in the early Twenties with Isotta Fraschini and Diatto up to 1992 and the Barchetta. Contains technical layouts of all models produced, sequential chassis numbers of all cars manufactured each year, a description of the modifications introduced in the course of production as well as the number of examples built of each model. Features many original pictures and photographs of cars. Makes it possible to identify every single Maserati made. A story told through the products of one of the world's most glorious car manufacturers.

Author Biography:

Maurizio Tabucchi is consultant at ASI (Italian Vintage Automobile Association) and RIAR (Alfa Romeo Italian Register). President of the Technical Commission of the F.I.V.A., he is a consultant for Italian motor magazines. He is particularly interested in the restoration of vintage cars.



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