Life in Car Design - Jaguar, Lotus, TVR

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  • ISBN: 9781787110359
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  • Publ Date: 2017-03-28
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  • Binding: HardBack
  • Pages: 160
  • Imprint: VELOCE PUBS
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  • ID - 185822

Table of Contents :

Introduction Chapter 1 The beginningChapter 2 Jaguar engineering apprenticeChapter 3 Jaguar staff stylistChapter 4 LotusChapter 5 The Chapman boatsChapter 6 IndependentChapter 7 TVR sports carsChapter 8 The car that never was - part 1Chapter 9 The car that never was - part 2Chapter 10 Cadillac, Oldsmobile and the USAChapter 11 Back to - guess where?Chapter 12 The Italian jobChapter 13 ConsultantIndex


A Life in Car Design gives a unique insight into design and project work for a number of leading companies in the motor industry, including Jaguar, Lotus, TVR and General Motors.The book recounts the author's experiences from within the industry, tracing the changes in the design process over a period of nearly 50 years, and follows his career at home and around the world. It shows how the change from imperial to metric measurements and the growing use of computers revolutionised the quality and accuracy of modern vehicles. It also covers the issues and challenges of meeting project targets, and some of the issues that can deflect those efforts. It features previously untold stories, and is thoughtfully illustrated with historical engineering drawings and photographs.As well as informing automobile enthusiasts it is also hoped that this book will inspire upcoming generations to consider a career in the creative field.

ò A personal and in-depth look at car design from inside the industry

ò Oliver WinterbottomÆs experience working for talented industry leaders Sir William Lyons, Jaguar; Colin Chapman, Lotus, and Martin Lilley, TVR

ò The authorÆs work with Guigiaro at ItalDesign, Turin, observing the design processes

ò The design challenges of luxury seagoing boat design with radical new design ideas

ò A story of international travel including Italy, Germany, The Netherlands, USA, Brazil, Japan, Korea and China

ò An account of working with Chinese companies to develop a new cultural understanding

ò Producing new designs to severe time and cost restraints

ò How the author developed suitable project processes for low volume built cars at GM USA

ò An account of the privilege of working with Toyota Japan, and learning their approach to the motor industry

ò The authorÆs experience of extensive development projects for car safety and airbags


BOOK OF THE MONTH ... it's the stories of these forgotten prototypes, and many other unloved 'children' such as all car designers lament, that are particularly fascinating. Octane (UK) a charmingly honest record by a deeply dedicated man. It's packed with marvellous anecdotes and there's also some super archive material from his own collection, including sketches, press photos and more. Classic & Sports Car (UK)

Author Biography:

Oliver spent his whole career designing cars, and, for a short period, boats. He started his working life as an engineering apprentice at Jaguar Cars before spending a further five years there as a staff designer. In 1971 he joined Lotus Cars as the Design Manager. He was responsible for the styling, body engineering and aerodynamics of their vehicles until 1975 when he transferred to Colin Chapman's luxury boat company.A short period of self employment saw the start of the TVR Tasmin range of sports cars. He then moved north to join the company through to the launch of the Tasmin Convertible and 2 + 2. In 1980 he returned to Lotus to lead the joint sports car project with Lotus and Toyota. After the completion of a prototype running vehicle he left for a short period in Detroit, USA.Working for General Motors he was a project manager on two low volume vehicles for them. Returning to the UK he rejoined Lotus where he held a number of senior management positions in engineering and vehicle safety work. He resigned in 1998 and set up a consultancy, Norfolk Automotive Limited. His clients included a number of companies in China until he retired in 2009.Throughout his career he maintained a "hands on" approach to both the design and the development of a wide range of products.



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