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This is the incredible, action-packed story of how TT great John McGuinness became the first man in the eventÆs illustrious history to lap the dramatic 37.73-mile circuit at an average speed of more than 130mph.

For many years, this magical speed barrier had eluded the TTÆs finest. But in 2007, fittingly during the Centenary of the TT, MorecambeÆs McGuinness smashed the limit with an average lap speed of 130.354mph during the blue riband Senior TT.

In this DVD we enjoy action footage as McGuinness guides is HM Plant Honda superbike around the ribbon of tarmac which makes up the TT course. It is one of motorsportÆs greatest challenges, with riders achieving massive speeds as they race on closed public roads û often just inches from kerbs, hedges, walls and houses.

Just completing a lap is an achievement, but to perform as consistently as McGuinness, and then produce the first-ever 130mph lap, moves you, however reluctantly, into ælegendÆ status.

In John McGuinness û Breaking the Barrier, we not only explore the story of that historic lap, but we also hear from McGuinness as he reflects on one of the most successful TT careers of all time.

It provides a fascinating insight into an amazing story.



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