Holden EH HD HR 1963-68 Repair Manual

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This is a reproduction of the genuine factory workshop manual for the mid-1960s Holdens, the EH, HD and HR models. It provides full descriptions of repair and maintenance procedures for all three models including sedan, station wagon and utility. Some of the bodywork description is a bit vague for wagons and utilities. It does have a complete list of the differences between the normal EH and the S4 model, fewer than most people imagine. 149, 179, 161 and 186 engines and the X2 variants are covered with both manual and automatic transmissions. Engines covered are all inline 6-cylinder OHV: 149 cubic inches (2442 cc) high and low compression 161 cubic inches (2638 cc) high and low compression 179 cubic inches (2933 cc) 179 cubic inches (2933 cc) X2 186 cubic inches (3048 cc) 186 cubic inches (3048 cc) X2 Transmissions described are: 3-speed manual (coloumn shift, synchromesh on 2nd and 3rd gears) Hydramatic 3-speed automatic with 2-stage 1st gear (described as 4-speed in this manual)



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