Woman and the Car - A Chatty Little Handbook for the Edwardian Motoriste


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  • ISBN: 9781908402875
  • Author:
  • Publ Date: 2014-06-17
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  • Binding: HardBack
  • Pages: 164
  • Imprint: SHIRE PUBNS
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  • ID - 198223

Table of Contents :

Introductory /Dorothy Levitt: A Personal Sketch /The Woman and the Car /The Car: It's Cost, Upkeep and Accessories /The All-Important Question of Dress /The Mechanism of the Car /How to Drive /Troubles /Hints on Expenses /Motor Manners /Tips /Distinguished Woman Motoristes /The Coming of the Small Car /Car Index-marks and their Locale /The Motor Woman's DIctionary


The Woman and the Car is a faithfully reproduced, quirky classic from the dawn of motoring - and testament to womankind's perennial claim on the steering wheel! Take a spin through a time - 1909, to be precise - when no right-thinking lady would consider solo motoring without her revolver, and when the installation of a secret compartment for powder-puff was de rigeur. In the vintage driver's seat of this 'chatty little handbook' is record-breaking Edwardian motoriste Dorothy Levitt, exhorting the budding 'lady driver' to approach the newfangled contraption without fear and reassuring those who believed it was 'impossible to look anything but hideous when in an automobile.'

Author Biography:

Known as 'the fastest girl on Earth', Dorothy Levitt was an English sporting 'motoriste', motoring writer and pioneer of female independence. She set the Ladies World Land Speed record in 1906 and taught Queen Alexandra and the royal princesses how to drive.



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