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In 1963, the first part of the new Alfa Romeo plant in Arese was put into operation. From that time on, the bodies of the sedan and the coupe of the Tipo 105 were produced there. Final assembly of the vehicles was also carried out in Arese. The production of the engines and the other mechanical components was at this time still in the old plant in Portello and was relocated to Arese only in the following years after completion of additional production areas.

Fortunately, many of the production processes of the Tipo 105 models have been photographically documented over the years. A book for every brand enthusiast who would like to see how the vehicle components and the vehicles of the Tipo 105 were created, which are still largely responsible for the good reputation of the Alfa Romeo brand. Most of the photos in this book, never before published, date from the years 1963 to 1972 and show only the production of the Tipo 105 models.



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