Le Mans 24h 2018 DVD - The Official Review Of The World's Greatest Race PAL Region0


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  • Publ Date: 2018-09-03
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2018 was the year Fernando Alonso helped bring Toyota their first ever win at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, and joined an exclusive club of drivers who have won the Monaco Grand Prix and the WorldÆs most prestigious endurance race.

As always with the 24 Hours of Le Mans the total story is about so much more than just the headlines. In every class there was racing of the calibre that only the most significant events can bring out of drivers looking to etch their names in the history books. Of course, it wouldnÆt be the 24 Hours of Le Mans without its fair share of controversy and intrigue and the 2018 event certainly didnÆt disappoint in that respect. Over the course of a day and night of racing the prototypes and GT cars delivered hour after hour of intense action and the HD cameras were there to capture all of the most exciting moments.

With the legendary Radio Le Mans team providing detailed and incisive commentary and reporting from the pits this superb review is the best way to relive this thrilling race in the comfort of your favourite armchair!



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