Cisitalia Da Corsa Europa


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Unlike other books on Cisitalia, this one is entirely dedicated to the sports activity of the brand.

Only European races are covered here, with the exception of a famous escapade to Egypt in 1947.

The book is divided into five chapters of unequal importance:

- Piero Dusio (14 pages): quick but detailed biography of the founder of the brand

- Cisitalia (26 pages): history of the brand, major dates, milestones, etc ...

- Models (22 pages): descriptions and datasheets of all models that participated in competitions

- Races (438 pages): an extremely complete report, race by race, of each season of competition in Europe, from 1946 to 1961. For each race, table of the results obtained by the Cisitalia engaged, with mention of their type, name driver, competitor and, if possible, chassis number, type and engine number. For each season also, a quick review of the rivals encountered.

- Enigmas (24 pages): presents bad photos of identification on pilots, races ..

Very rich iconography in Black and White, including a large number of unpublished photos




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