Graphic War - The Secret Aviation Drawings And Illustrations of World War II


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  • ISBN: 9781554078929
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  • Publ Date: 2011-07-28
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  • Binding: PaperBack
  • Pages: 272
  • Imprint: FIREFLY BOOKS
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  • ID - 186865


Graphic War is a superb collection of top-secret drawings, including training manuals and colourful wartime posters, from World War II. They were brilliantly created from a few downed aircraft, but mainly from pilots' views of the enemy in the air, during missions. Almost all of the material was originally listed as ├┤restricted - official use only" and previously unpublished in any form. The cutaway drawings of the aircraft and airborne weaponry were critical to the war efforts of Allied and Axis forces alike. As there was little intelligence available to pilots about the design, power and armament on opposing aircraft, these graphic transcriptions were essential. Many of the graphic artists and technical illustrators employed by the Allies, and most employed by the Axis powers, remain anonymous. Their work survives on these pages, however, to provide rare and unique insight into war room strategy and the air- and ground-crew trainee classroom. Aviation enthusiasts, modellers, illustrators, artists and anyone with an interest in World War II history will find Graphic War a compelling inside look at the war fought in the sky.

Author Biography:

Donald Nijboer is coauthor, with photographer Dan Patterson, of Cockpit: An Illustrated History of World War II Aircraft Interiors, Gunner: An Illustrated History of World War II Aircraft Turrets and Gun Positions and Cockpits of the Cold War.



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