Spitfire The Autobiography - The Plane And The Men That Saved Britain In 1940 In Their Own Words


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  • ISBN: 9781849013925
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  • Publ Date: 2010-06-24
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  • Binding: PaperBack
  • Pages: 544
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This is a celebration of the machine and the men who took to the skies in defence of Britain. It is also the dramatic illustration of a little understood truth: the Spitfire did more than win the Battle of Britain - it won the war. It was not Stalingrad which turned the corner of the war against Hitler, it was the Spitfire in the summer of 1940 when RAF Fighter Command destroyed the myth of Nazi invincibility. Praise for his previous books: "London: The Autobiography" - 'Fascinating...brings the story of London to life' - Good Book Guide; "The English Soldier: The Autobiography" - 'A triumph' - Saul David, author of "Victoria's Army"; 'Harrowing, funny and often unbelievable book' - "Daily Express"; and, '[A] compelling Tommy's eye view of war from Agincourt to Iraq' - "Daily Telegraph".

Author Biography:

Jon E. Lewis studied at Oxford and has written for Time Out, The Independent, New Statesman and The Guardian. He is the author of numerous books including London the Autobiography and World War II: The Autobiography.



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