Once A Fighter Pilot


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  • ISBN: 9780071399203
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  • Publ Date: 2002-04-01
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  • Imprint: MCGRAW HILL
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Table of Contents :

Acknowledgments Introduction Kid's Dream Where do I sign? Welcome to the Air Force. Now, forward march! Finally, airplanes God's country The boss's daughter The Honor Code Merry Christmas The Honor Code, again Descend lower Aaa-haaa, San Antoine! Number one? Chase me back to town Jets Timing is everything Mississippi Luftwaffe What about my eyes? Sabre I wonder where in the world we're goin'? Get your kicks on Route 66 Laredo by the sea I'm your instructor: I'm here to learn. Explosure decompression What next? Wanna trade? If you haven't done it yet, you will The great white hunter Time kills? Fear of flying Failure, fun and higher learning The screaming mimi Fine feathered friends? True class Instructor follies Still a mystery One a day in Tampa Bay School days A lifesaver, a killer Receiver ready! There will be no accidents! Ours is not to question why! (Don't bother politicians with facts) Armed Forces Day Mom's max performance club Go get him How many windows do KC-135s have? One tough bird What do you mean you fell out? Air defense of the what? Fighter pilots ain't grown men! Needless nightmare Like a farmer, outstanding in his field Say your type aircraft Missiles are supposed to be deadly! (for the other guy) In the line of duty Almost six Go west, young man, about ten thousand miles Where the sun rises first on America Bombers, bombers, everywhere: Thank goodness, I never had to fly one of the damn things! Welcome to the war Which ones are the bad guys? Sidewinder Seagulls and paper tigers Shot down, by a nurse Number twenty-five Surf's up Through the cracks Jam lucky Parts is parts! Come on baby, we can do it! The Silver Star, posthumously Ladies and gentlemen, on your left... Next time, use the bomb! What tree? The race is on Small world, isn't it? Rank has its problems also I can't do this! Guardian angel? Was it fate? Quit leaving this ____ on my runway! Another day, another way A mind is a terrible thing! Get it out, get it out! The thud, the brunt The longest day Wayne's Waterlook (almost) A most unlikely savior The elephants versus the ants "White Anchor, break left!" Missiles (useless as teats on a boar hog?) Sometimes! Famous, almost (infamous, so close) Politicians and war (a deadly combination) Why me? Lucky number About the author


This insider's view of the life of a fighter pilot also provides a look at one of the most tumultuous eras in US history. Cook, who realized his passion for flying in Vietnam, accumulated over 400 combat hours in the course of his missions and survived countless near-misses. In this book, he provides harrowing accounts of these missions. The book includes coverage of: the Aviation Cadet Program in the mid-50s; Vietnam; pre-war "flyboy" life; first-person accounts of air-combat missions; military camaraderie spawned by war; and war politics.

Author Biography:

Brig. Gen. Jerry W. Cook, USAFR, Ret., has been flying for more than thirty-eight years. After ten years in the U.S. Air Force, he left in 1967 to fly for Pan American World Airways. Cook flew for sixteen years with the Arkansas Air National Guard, retiring as a brigadier general in 1986. He lives in Little Rock, Arkansas, and is a corporate pilot for Stephens Group, Inc.



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