B-24 Liberator Rugged But Right


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More B-24s were made and flown than any other warplane in America's history. Between 1939 and 1945, 18,000+ B-24 heavy bombers received their last rivets from rosie, rolled off assembly lines, and flew to military bases around the world. A triumph of ingenious Yankee design, the B-24 was the first heavy bomber with a tricycle landing gear and sophisticated airfoil and flaps. Its greater range permitted bombing runs deep into Germany, Italy, and especially over Japanese targets in the South Pacific.This rare assemblage of wartime records, memories, photos, personal and military histories, and in-depth technical insight brings the B-24 back to life and to center stage of World War II. Written by Air Force historian and world-leading B-24 expert Frederick A.Johnsen, and based in part on his vast personal collection of B-24 lore and memorabilia, "B-24 Liberator" lets you to: watch as the B-24 was conceptualized, designed, and constructed through reports and photos from the manufacturer's official files; explore the B-24's full combat history through Air Force archival records; experience world War II training and combat in the company of the airmen who flew and serviced this mighty bomber in Europe, Asia, and the South Pacific; and share these airmen's unique memories and personal snapshots of combat in the skies and on the ground.



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