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  • ISBN: 9781906853198
  • Author:
  • Publ Date: 2009-10-30
  • Edition:
  • Binding: PaperBack
  • Pages: 96
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  • ID - 183650

Table of Contents :

1. Flatbed Rigid 2. Flatbed Rigid (self-loading) 3. Flatbed Artic 4. Specialised Flatbed 5. Beaver-tailed Flat 6. Drop-side Rigid 7. Brick and Block Drawbar (self-loading) 8. Box Van Rigid 9. Box Van Drawbar 10. Box Van Traditional Drawbar 11. Box Van Artic 12. Step-frame Box Van Artic 13. Refrigerated Rigid 14. Refrigerated Artic 15. Curtainsider Rigid 16. Curtainsider Drawbar 17. Curtainsider Artic 18. Sling-a-Side Rigid 19. Sliding Canopy Drawbar 20. Tilt Articulated Trailer 21. Skeletal Container Artic 22. Container Drawbar (De-mountable) 23. Oil Tanker Rigid 24. Diesel Tanker Artic 25. Bulk Powder Artic 26. Vacuum Tanker 27. Machinery Carrier 28. Low Loader 29. Car Transporter Rigid 30. Bus Transporter Drawbar 31. Tipper-truck Rigid 32. Tipper-truck 8 x 4 Rigid 33. Articulated Tipper (Bulker) 34. Skip Truck 35. Hook Loader 36. Glass Carriers 37. Furtniture (Removal) Van 38. Logging Trailer 39. Concrete Mixer 40. Refuse Truck 41. Rigid Horsebox 42. Road / Rail Trucks 43. Heavy Haulage STGO Categories 44. Recovery Truck


For this book, Patrick Dyer has selected 44 examples to show the wide range of truck types that you are likely to see on British roads.

As Patrick writes in his Foreword - 'With its origins in the early part of the last century, the truck has developed over the years into a highly specialised tool with a staggering range of variants to fulfil a multitude of tasks.Æ

The 44 types shown in the book include flatbeds, box vans, refrigerateds, curtainsiders, sliding canopies, container artic, oil tanker, diesel artic, bulk powder artic, vacuum tanker, machinery carrier, low loader, car and bus transporters, tipper trucks, skip trucks, glass carrier, furniture van, logging trailer, concrete mixer, refuse truck, horsebox, road/rail truck, heavy haulage example and recovery truck.

Patrick accompanies each picture (the majority of which are from the manufacturers) with a clear description of type, a guide to typical use and some engineering details. These are reinfoced by a cutaway and diagrams at the end of the book.

Among the manufacturers who contributed pictures to the book are Isuzu Trucks, Mercedes-Benz UK, Iveco, DAF and Volvo.



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