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  • ISBN: 9781906853389
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  • Publ Date: 2010-07-16
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  • Binding: PaperBack
  • Pages: 96
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  • ID - 183649

Table of Contents :

1. AEC Routemaster 2. Bluebird AARE 3. BMC 1100FE 4. Bristol VR 5. DAF DB250 6. DAF SB200 7. Dennis Dart 8. Dennis Dart SLF 9. Dennis Dominator 10. Dennis Dragon 11. Dennis Enviro200 12. Dennis Enviro400 13. Dennis Enviro500 14. Dennis Lance SLF 15. Dennis Trident 16. Irisbus Agora Line 17. Leyland Lion 18. Leyland Lynx 19. Leyland National 20. Leyland Olympian 21. Leyland Titan 22. MAN 14.220 23. MCW Metrobus 24. Mercedes 0405 25. Mercedes 0814D 26. Mercedes Citaro 27. Optare Excel 28. Optare Solo 29. Optare Tempo 30. Optare Versa 31. Plaxton Primo 32. Scania N113CRB 33. Scania Omnicity 34. Scania Omnidekka 35. Volvo Ailsa 36. Volvo B6B 37. Volvo B7RLE 38. Volvo B9TL 39. Volvo B10BLE 40. Volvo Citybus 41. Volvo Olympian 42. VDL SB200 43. Wright Gemini 2 44. Wright Streetcar


Every day in all corners of Great Britain, buses can be found transporting the public for local and long distance journeys as well as sightseeing and school transport. In this book, James Race shows 44 models. He selects those which are the most popular among bus operators as well as a few of the models less commonly seen. They are all currently licensed for public use today. Interestingly, many of the bus chassis are built in different countries from the bodywork which accompanies them. This is shown with the description for each bus. James' concise but informative texts are designed to give a general overview of the subject for the novice enthusiast.

The buses featured are: AEC Routemaster, Bluebird AARE, BMC 1100FE, Bristol VR, DAF DB250, DAF SB220, Dennis Dart, Dennis Dart SLF, Dennis Dominator, Dennis Dragon, Dennis Enviro200, Dennis Enviro400, Dennis Enviro500, Dennis Lance, Dennis Trident, Irisbus Agora Line, Leyland Lion, Leyland Lynx, Leyland National, Leyland Olympian, Leyland Titan, MAN 14.220, MCW Metrobus, Mercedes O405, Mercedes O814D, Mercedes Citaro, Optare Excel, Optare Solo, Optare Tempo, Optare Versa, Plaxton Primo, Scania N113CRB, Scania N270UD, Scania OmniCity, Volvo Ailsa, Volvo B6B, Volvo B7RLE, Volvo B9TL, Volvo B10BLE, Volvo Citybus, Volvo Olympian, VDL SB200, Wright Gemini 2, Wright Streetcar.



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