Ferrari by Pininfarina Technology And Beauty


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  • ISBN: 9788879112772
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  • Publ Date: 2002-09-29
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The partnership between Ferrari and Pininfarina for the construction of the prestigious production cars of the House of Maranello represents a phenomenon that is unique in the annals of the world automotive industry. It spans fifty years, just five fewer than the period spanning the existence of Ferrari iteself; during this time all of the models bearing the prancing horse were systematically entrusted to the renowned Carrozzeria Pininfarina. The book evokes the legendary moments, exploring and remembering the development of the style of the cars built for Maranello, from 1952 to the very last model which has been officially presented at the recent Paris Motor Show of October 2002.

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Etienne Cornil is still considered nowadays one of the greats name in automotive jornalism. Member of the prestigious Guild of Motoring Writes and of the Society of Automotive Engineers. He also worked in the press office of Fiat and Lamborghini car factory Torino, Italy



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