Ferrari 25 Years Of Calendar Images


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  • ISBN: 9783832792831
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  • Binding: HardBack
  • Pages: 223
  • Imprint: te NEUES PUB
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Few brands conjure up the same status as Ferrari. Finely engineered for both beauty and performance, these evocative automobiles are true works of art ù designed for the discerning, and priced for the privileged. This book of fine photography showcases the work of G³nther Raupp, long linked to the prestigious marque. Mr. Raupp has photographed the Ferrari calendar for 25 years now. He lovingly handpicks his greatest work over the decades for this exciting showcase of legendary vehicles. Punchy, informative text leads us into thrilling shots that highlight the dynamism and fine detailing of each unique model. Featuring background information and technical details of each car Endorsed by Ferrari ù a must-have for all auto aficionados and design enthusiasts



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