Famous Ford V8s 1932-1948 - Cars That Won Americas Heart


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In the early 1930s, Henry Ford, father of the American automobile industry, made the daring decision to mass-produce the first low-priced V-8s. Meanwhile, his brilliant son, Edsel, and designer Bob Gregorie teamed up to create some of the most popular car styling in automotive history. The result of these endeavors was the fabulous Ford V-8 automobiles of the 1930s and 1940s, which combined a powerful engine with fantastic body design and styling. FAMOUS FORD V-8s combines archival photos with memoirs of Ford engineers and stylists to give an insider's look at how the 1932-1948 Ford flathead V-8s - introduced during tough economic times - became one of America's legendary series of cars.

Lorin Sorensen has served as editor of several Ford-enthusiast magazines. In 1978, he produced Ford Motor Company's 75th Anniversary book, The Ford Road. Since then he has produced a series of historic car calendars for Ford, consulted on Ford marketing projects and films, and produced historic film documentaries about the company's cars. He lives in northern California



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