Classic Hot Rod Style


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Trends come and go in hot rodding, but true hot rod style never goes out of vogue. It is hard to define but you know it when you see it. Larry O'Toole has been a hot rodder, magazine editor, photographer, book publisher and author on the subject of hot rodding for over 40 years and he has documented every emerging trend from the entire hot rod world. Who better to bring you the latest in that constantly evolving hobby where styling trends meet engineering ability? Traditional hot rods have been cycled and recycled for many years and each time there is a wave of interest in this style of hot rod, that emulates an earlier time, there is evolution of the breed taking place. "Classic Hot Rod Style," O'Toole's latest foray into the worldwide phenomenon of traditional hot rodding brings the reader a feast of photographic images that capture the mysterious, intangible ingredient that defines a stand-out hot rod. Even the most die-hard of hot rod fans will struggle to describe what it is that sets such hot rods apart from the rest, they will pause and tell you it is that certain something that is inherent in their design - it's that "Classic Hot Rod Style." Gathered together in this fabulous full-color production is a thoroughly researched essay on the evolution of the Classic Hot Rod Style that makes the cars featured throughout the book perfect examples of the breed. This descriptive story is followed up with in-depth features on many such examples with full details on what their owners used to assemble their dream hot rods, together with hundreds of clear photographs that let you see inside these Classic Hot Rods. Finally a pictorial gathering of dozens more examples of the breed let you see where hot rodding is headed in the future. All have been selected for their contribution to that certain something that sets them apart from the pack, it's that Classic Hot Rod Style that every hot rodder loves.



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