Classic Australian Touring Car Races Vol 5 DVD PAL Region4 91mins


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Now touring car fans can travel back in time and re-live the highlights of improved production and series production racing from Warrick Farm and Sandown Raceways with this amazing footage-straight from the original ABC live TV coverage.

The fi nal years of AustraliaÆs unique Group C touring car formula in the mid-1980s were dogged by controversy, back-stabbing, boycotts and bitter political brawls between competitors and the sportÆs controlling body, CAMS. However, on the race track, this colourful period also produced some of the best tin-top racing ever seen!

These were the days of huge front and rear spoilers, wide wheel fl ares and super fat tyres. And beyond their wild looks, there was also a variety of makes and models, with different strengths and weaknesses and some unique sounds. Ground-shaking V8 Holdens and Fords raced side-by-side with nasal rotary-powered Mazdas, whistling turbocharged Nissans and howling six cylinder BMWs. And some of the biggest names were driving them, including Peter Brock, Dick Johnson, Allan Moffat, George Fury and Jim Richards - to name just a few.

This special DVD presentation brings the late Group C era roaring back to life, with selected races from the ABCÆs live telecasts of the 1983 and 1984 Australian Touring Car Championships. Featured here are three rounds of the 1983 ATCC, which include some breathtaking bravado from MoffatÆs Mazda to try and topple the V8s on his way to a fourth national title. Also featured is the opening round of the 1984 ATCC from Sandown Park, with local heroes Brock and HDT in devastating form.



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