Billy Lane Chop Fiction Its Not A Motorcycle Baby Its A Chopper


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  • ISBN: 9780760320112
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Two things distinguish Billy's creations: artisanship and technology. What makes Billy's work unique is that he combines both of these seemingly disparate elements. His choppers are first and foremost works of art, perhaps more so than any other builder working today. They are works of art on multiple levels, combining the fine art of sculpture with the pop art of incorporating found objects into the work. But they are also technological tours de force. The engineering Billy employs in his work is nothing short of astounding. These elements combined have made Billy one of America's premiere motorcycle customizers. The bikes Billy builds play staring roles in this book. Much of the book is devoted to Michael Lichter's stunning photography of Billy's bikes, as well as action shots of Billy riding his amazing motorcycles. The book also features photography of Billy building bikes, as well as photography of the colorful cast of characters surrounding him.



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