Automotive Engine Management And Fuel Injection Systems


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Covers European and Japanese vehicles from circa 1985 with 'black box' control of fuel injection and ignition systems. Includes basic theory and description of specific systems, diagnostic techniques using simple equipment, fault finding charts and fault codes.

Systems covered:

Bosch: Mono-Motronic and Motronic (from first generation to 5.1.1)

Ford: EEC IV

GM: Multec Mpi and Spi

Honda/Rover: PGM-Fi

Magneti-Marelli: G5, G6, 8F and 8P

Mazda: EGI

Nissan: ECCS

Renix: Mpi and Spi

Rover: MEMS Mpi and Spi

Toyota: TCCS

VW: Digifant




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