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  • ISBN: 9781845843533
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  • Pages: 64
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The Austin Seven is probably the most influential of British automobiles. The first car built for the masses, it was also the most versatile. There were tourer, saloon, sports, van, military, racing, and coach-built models. The engine was used in tractors, boats, and motorcycles, and the car influenced designers such as Colin Chapman of Lotus Cars. It is a relatively cheap way into the vintage movement: spares are plentiful and reasonably priced, it is cheap to run and to insure, and there is no road fund license to pay. The Austin Seven is also compact, so takes up little storage.

This book will help you to recognise the benefits of owning an Austin Seven, the most versatile of vintage cars. It will guide you towards buying the car that best suits your requirements, whether an open top model or the more comfortable saloon. It explains the simple tasks of undertaking the maintenance yourself. It helps with sourcing of spares, explains the tools you will require, and gives details of clubs where you can find advice and literature related to all Sevens.



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