All American Hot Rod The Cars The Legends The Passion


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Hot rods have made legends, taking the spotlight in all aspects of the beach culture, in movies, and in music. They represent youth, rebellion, and a drive to do things a little differently. The hot rod was created by everyday folks who took an old Tin Lizzie, stripped off the fenders and hood and hotted up the engine, gave it a personalised, unique look, and had a machine that outperformed all the other cars on the street. While thumbing their noses at the status quo, these pioneers and their machines inspired awe in kids and instilled fear in their elders. The hot rod movement has always been a grassroots, groundswell movement, an underground art-form that defies a straightforward chronicle succinctly tied up with a bow. "The All-American Hot Rod" is a history by those who lived it, the numerous voices and images of people who know and love the hot rod like nothing else. It is truly an all-American tale with an exhaust note heard 'round the world. If you are still in awe of that first hot rod, still driving and tuning hot rods, or still dreaming of hot rods, then this book is for you.



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