Alfa Romeo - Cuore Sportivo


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In 1910 take to the track, in the intoxication of motor racing of the century, two cars of the newly formed 24 HP Anonima Lombarda Fobbrica Cars, and immediately impress with their speed and excellent road holding. At scoccore the 100 years since that memorable date, the automaker, which came in 1915 in the orbit of the subsidiaries of Nicola Romeo, and returned to the races in 1920, continues to lead the technological innovation and design. Alfa Romeo is synonymous with sportiness and elegance appreciated all over the world. the story of a brand that has managed to cross a century, creating sports models and the road that have made history, is presented in this book through a timely and substantial introduction and exceptional photographic sections. 110 chapters have as its theme the racing world, the Mille Miglia to the GP and models that have achieved victories particularly significant. With a rich collection of photographs run the protagonists of the races and the most important events. Ample space is also given to the most famous cars from the road, from the Giulia Duetto, dall'Alfetta last 2010 model, the new Giulietta.



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