Advanced Motorsport Engineering - Units for Study at Level 3


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  • ISBN: 9780750689083
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  • Publ Date: 2012-03-29
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  • Binding: PaperBack
  • Pages: 240
  • Imprint: PALGRAVE
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Table of Contents :

Diagnose and Rectify Motorsport Vehicle Engine and Component Faults; Diagnose and Rectify Motorsport Vehicle Chassis System Faults; Inspect Motorsport Vehicle; Overhaul Mechanical Units; Diagnose and Rectify Motorsport Vehicle transmission and Drive Line Faults; Enhance Motorsport System Features; Composite Material Selection and Repair; Engine Management Systems; Inspect Motorsports Vehicles


Advanced Motorsport Engineering is an essential textbook for students on Motorsports Engineering courses and a handy reference those already working in the industry. The book covers advanced topics in motorsport such as diagnosing and rectifying faults in engines, chassis and transmission. Sections on composite materials and advanced engine management systems provide a complete coverage of level 3 courses. Each unit in the IMI and EAL syllabus is covered in full and illustrated with photos, diagrams and key learning points. The chapters can also be easily matched to the BTEC National course structure. Motorsport is not just about the spectacle of some of the world's most popular and famous sporting events - it also plays a crucial role in developing new techniques and technologies. Getting a qualification in motorsport could be the first step in a career in one of the most exciting and challenging sectors of high performance engineering. Andrew Livesey is the Head of the School of Engineering at North West Kent College, UK

Author Biography:

Andrew Livesey served a full Engineering Apprenticeship before going to university. He has been involved in Motorsport Engineering both as a lecturer and a writer for many years. He taught and managed the Oxford Brookes University Motorsport programmes at Brooklands and set-up the very successful undergraduate training programmes for McLaren. He is the author of several motor vehicle books and has been the technical editor of a number of motorsport enthusiast magazines He currently divides his time between lecturing at the University of Kent and working as an Engineering Training Consultant to a major British sports car manufacturer. In his free time he is practically involved with all types of racing -- this includes cycles, karts, motorcycles and sports cars



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