911x911 - The Official Anniversary Book Celebrating 50 Years of the Porsche 911


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  • ISBN: 9781935007234
  • Author:
  • Publ Date: 2014-02-28
  • Edition:
  • Binding: HardBack
  • Pages: 962
  • Publisher:
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  • ID - 98688


In 911 x 911, Dieter Landenberger, head of PorscheÆs archives and the co- director of the Porsche Museum, has assembled an amazing array of photographs, vintage advertisements, and illustrations, along with revealing captions and text rendered in five languages. The result is the ultimate visual tour through Porsche 911 historyùfrom the earliest line drawings and design sketches to the latest images of the worldÆs most enduring sports car. The 911 is shown behind the scenes at the Porsche factory, in competition at races and rallies, and on display in original advertisements and posters from Europe and North America.

With 962 pages and hundreds of photos, this massive book covers seven generations of the 911, starting with the original 901 prototype unveiled in 1963 and concluding with the present-day type 991. Every variation of the 911 built for the road or race track is representedùfrom the classic Carrera CoupÚ through the Cabriolets, Targas, Turbos, and GT3 race car editions. The visual tour begins with an introduction explaining the 911Æs origins and impact, followed by sections devoted to each major stage in the carÆs evolution. Each page features a single image accompanied by captions in German, English, French, Spanish, Chinese, and Russian. Taken together, the result is a remarkably varied visual trip through the 911Æs legacyùone that has the look and feel of a deluxe scrapbook assembled to PorscheÆs exacting standards.

Despite the bookÆs impressive length and multi-language text, 911 x 911Æs compact format and strong design make it remarkably user-friendly. And visual touches like the German racing silver cover, and end sheets modeled on PorscheÆs classic checkered upholstery are sure to be appreciated by enthusiasts.



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