80s Muscle The Cars That Dominated A Decade


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Heavy metal music, big hair and muscle cars helped define a decade. Today, two of those gnarly 1980s trends have faded into history, while muscle cars continue to tear up the pavement and gain interest from the collector car community. This one-of-a-kind book covers the fastest and baddest cars of the 1980s in an entertaining and informative format any muscle car fan will love. This book includes: detailed descriptions with technical specs and production figures collectors and fans of high performance cars can refer to with confidence; more than 250 colour photos illustrate the power and attitude of memorable cars like Fiero, Camaro Z/28, and Monte Carlo SS; and, collector pricing for each car featured, giving owners and aspiring collectors a base for determining collectability. Underrated and overlooked, 1980s muscle cars are starting to come into their own in the collector car market, and this guide is a must-have for every muscle car maniac.



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